All Arms Veterans MotorCycle Club

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother


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Great weekend and great company.
Many thanks for your hospitality over the weekend.
Good to meet up with you all again.

Thanks Dave,
Appreciate you guys braving the weather!

Great to see you all as always.

Area Rep

Donna Darbyshire

An impromptu invite for a few drinks at a rugby club turned out to be an amazing Not Forgotten Rally 15. Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome. I have met some amazing people and am actively looking at joining your wonderful club.

Dave Tindall

Great weekend at the not forgotten rally with the added bonus of becoming an FNG glad to have been made so welcome, looking forward to PITP


Have just returned from your excellent rally, and would like to thank you all for the warmest of welcomes, your hospitality over the weekend and the camaraderie you extended yet again to our club Renegade MC. We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and rain or shine will be meeting up with you all again, sooner rather than later.L&R
Rich SAA Renegade MC3RM6Z

Always a pleasure to share a beer with you guys thanks for showing up. MLH&R


Many thanks to all the club for a cracking rally this weekend. We received a very warm welcome and many of your members went out of their way to make the effort to mingle and ensure everyone was having a good time. Very much appreciated. Dill - D65.

Good to meet up and chat Dill welcome anytime MLH&R

martin & tina

just a line to thank all the aavmcc crew and associates for a warm welcome and great gig,see you all next year and hopefully at a gig somwhere....martin wcmcc germany.

Good to see you guys thanks for your company much appreciated MLH&R


Many thanks to all the AAVMCC for a great weekend. Excellent venue and fantastic hospitality!. Looking forward to next year.

Best regards, Izzy.


Always good to entertain fellow veterans thanks for your company MLH&R

Ginge 2005

Sent the enquiry e mail off to join the forum to start the process of joining. Heard nothing back yet. Just a comms check and to enquire about activity of the AAVMCC in East Anglia.


As per the home page, first point of contact, send an email to



To all members of the AAVMCC,
I hope that we can expect as many as possible of you to the Dutch Forces / AAVMCC Summer Party on August 28 -30,
We arrange this Summer Party esspecially for you and we like to do our very best to have a fantastic weekend than, with a nice program.
So we look forward to meet up with all of you again. For more info, check on with Dixie for more details.
If someone would like to come over by plain, than use airport Eindhoven. We will make sure to pick you up than.

See you in August,

President Dutch Forces

Thanks Andre,
Looking forward to what we know will be an awesome weekend.



Great to catch up with some of you at the Bia. Till the next time be safe L&R to you all

Thanks Phil,

See you down the road.




I'm ex 1 Cheshire of 11 years service (Now 1 MERCIAN) living in Manchester. Came across your club and I'm interested in joining. Could you please advise me best way to go about it please. Many thanx.

Jamie. You need to initially contact our secretary at and register your interest. He will then get in contact with your area rep, which happens to be me. TANGO



Our website is in the air again, we look forward to your comments.
Safe rides and we hope to see you soon again here in Holland.


President Dutch Forces

Paul Parry-Jones

Hi, Two ex REME guys from Anglesey just come across your club and were interested in joining! Email sent to your secretary, look forward to hearing from you :)

Nice One Guys, I look forward to seeing you soon at one of the Rallies or Ride Outs.

Fish VP

Hi Guys, Thanks for your enquiry, your first point of contact is many thanks


To all members of the AAVMCC,
Thank you very much for the invitation to the AGM 2015 and the hopitality. We enjoyed the stay at the Manston Air Base. Also a thanks to all who made that possible.
Greetings from your Dutch brother's of the Dutch Forces !

It was our pleasure to host our Dutch Brother`s , we will party again soon



Thanks to all for a great weekend, and for the very nice surprise of the FNG patches! I had a great time talking & having a beer with you all

Hope to see you at the rally if not before.

Tom (RGJ)

steve watson

hi im ex reme 22 years service and interested in joining your club

Steve, whereabouts are you located, we will have someone reach out to you.

First point of contact Steve is our club sec Dixie
Area Rep HC


Excellent party last night, thanks for the invite and thanks to all for the warm welcome and excellent company.
Rich. SAA. Renegade MC


Hi all,

Just wanted to say thank you for a great weekend and making us feel so welcome. Look forward to seeing you all soon.

Martin & laura


Just passing on my regards for the forthcoming AGM... Have a safe journey all, Tracy and I hope you all have a great weekend...



peter fisher

Have a great interest in meeting up have served 22 years with 3rd Batalion Parachute Regiment. Could I have more info on meeting up if possible.

Hi Peter, Which area are you in, and i'll arrange a contact for you?