All Arms Veterans MotorCycle Club

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers;
For he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother


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Mick Greasley

Interested, did my 22 looking for anyone local to Catterick for info??

Hi Mick. We will have a local REP reach out. Thanks for your interest.

From Tomo NE Rep; email sent.

Doc Chairman

From all the crew at Last Bastion Brotherhood, best wishes for the New Year and a fast riding, hard partying 2015. Call down anytime LnR.




Wishing all a merry Xmas and great 2015 ahead.
Keep the wind in your face and the sun on your back!

Live to Ride!

Respect and Regards
MRMC Singapore

Brendan AKA Jonah

Keep up the good work brothers, I ride with a similar club in Australia, Military Brotherhood Military Motorcycle Club. We are a Tri Service military motorcycle club comprising serving and ex-serving Australian Defence Force (ADF) and Commonwealth Forces members, their families, friends and support riders. We are a Australia-wide club and our mission is to support Club members, Veterans and ex-service members and their families.
I also served in the RAF with one of your brothers (Dixie).
Any brothers heading downunder, tell them to catch up and come for a ride with one of our sub-branches.
Stay Upright, Stay Safe,
Regards, Jonah
Military Brotherhood Military Motorcycle Club
Perth South Sub Branch

Colin Agnew

Kia ora Ron and all the brothers
thanks for the BIA patches Buzz presented them to us at our last chapter meeting all our chapter are wearing them with pride .

V President Patriots DF MC
Nelson Marlborough West Coast chapter
New Zealand


Hi Gypsy,

Glad to hear that he made it back safe and sound, yeh he is a bit of a lightweight on the rum, I'm sure you will get him on plenty of Training courses! LOL.
I'm glad you are happy with the Patch and we would be honoured if you wore it. Thanks for the kind offer and welcome... you never know?


P.s. I still can't believe they let him back in!!!! LOL


Hey Lads
I have had the pleasure of spending the last three days showing Buzz around some of the better riding roads in the North Island of New Zealand. His company has been the measure of true Brotherhood even if he is a lightweight on the rums :-), During the trip Buzz presented me with one of your BIA patches which will be worn with pride. If Buzz is anything to go by, your team are welcome here anytime.

Patriots DFMC NZ

Keith Varney

Hi everyone.
I owe a big debt of gratitude to one of your reps. He goes by the tag of "Tango".
For the last 3-4 days he has helped me enormously in the purchase of a Kawasaki VN800.
Even though he was going on holiday, he took time out to ride over to Preston to check the bike out. He then spent copious amounts of money phoning me up and liaising with the seller and me.
To top it all off, he dug into his own pocket and paid out £200 deposit for me. He then arranged a delivery on Friday for me.
"Tango" you are a true, loyal friend and I cannot thank you enough for all your valuable help.
I think I owe you a large barrel of beer.
Thank you very much.
Keith Varney (Tophat).

Keith Varney

To all the guys at AAV/MCC.
I just want to thank you for a fantastic 4 days at the Not Forgotten Rally.
It was good to be welcomed by all of you and you made my 4 days working with you more bearable, only because I had to take orders from my good mate "Tango".
I sincerely hope I will get an invite to your next outing.
Once again, thank you very much.
Keith Varney (Tophat)

Hi Keith, Great to see you at the Rally, really appreciate all your hard work, hope to see you again soon, don't wait till the next Rally!



Massive thanks to all the AAV for a spot on weekend great weather, great beer, great hospitality. Pav, Dusty, Bart, Scaley, Tango and the rest of the NW crew thanks for the invite down well worth the ride. Hopefully will be visiting again next year. All my guys ask me to pass on their respects and thanks.

LnR Doc Last Bastion Brotherhood

Joao "Bulldog" Aguiar


I just wanted to stop by and thank you all for your service. Keep up the great work!

Much L, H &R,
National Vice-President
Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association


Not long to the rally now guys. All the Last Bastion looking forward
to partying with you.
TANGO many thx for the link to our Combat Stress 3 Peaks challenge just giving page, were all getting on a bit and long in the tooth now but will dig deep on the day.

LnR Doc n Crew LBB

dennis quarterman

Found your flyer at 1066 Café, I am Ex RAOC, 73 years old and ride a Goldwing, just ordered a support tee shirt.

See you on the road sometime Dennis , easy to spot with a nice new shirt eh


Hi guys, I would like to invite AAVMCC to our first rally on the 4th 5th and 6th of July , the One Aim Rally , and our aim is to raise money for our Regimental Association fund , we can offer you a 12 by 12 army tent and army camp beds for you guys, all details on our web site, much respect Donk.

Hi Donk
We`ll be there , I`ll email you with some details , but yes a 12x12 would be lovely


To all my friends of the AAVMCC, I wish to thank you for a great weekend we had at the AGM party last week. The hospitallity was superb ! We enjoyed the weekend very well and we look forward to see you all again. Thanks again !
All the very best from Holland.
Brothers in Arms.
Treasurer Dutch Forces.


On behalf of the Dutch Forces, I would like to thank the AAVMCC for their hospitality during the AGM weekend.
We had a fantastic time and are looking forward to meet you all again very soon.

BIA Ruud.
Secretary Dutch Forces


Thanks to one and all. I had a great time at the AGM and am looking forward to meeting up with the crew again very soon. I was made to feel very welcome and enjoyed the banter.
Is anyone going to the Bum in The Mud next weekend?
Regards Dave (DOC) Read


Buzz and I went to Blenheim for toy run yesterday today its a ride round the lakes .
Colin V president
Patriots DF MC NZ
NMWC Chapter

Hi Colin,
Thanks for looking after him, make sure he is fed and watered, but NEVER feed him after midnight! LOL
Respects, Fish


British Army Track Day – 23 Aug 2014 – Snetterton Race Circuit.

The day is open to serving, ex-army and reservist personnel, it’s open to all levels, from novice to experienced riders.

“No Limits Trackdays” are offering army personnel a unique price for the day of £109 per rider if booked before May 1st. All bookings thereafter will be £129.

Professional instructors will be on hand to offer advice and improve your riding skills.

There is also a chance to “bag” some signed motorcycle merchandise at the charity auction; the proceeds will go to the Royal British Legion and the East Anglia Air Ambulance service.

For tickets contact No Limits Trackdays 01727 827794, direct any queries to WO2 (QMSI) Glynn Hannah 01223 205534 (Wimbish mil, ext 5534), more details can be found at Facebook group page – British Army Trackday 2014.

The day will sell out fast so don’t miss out, it will be opened to the general public after May 1st.

Peter Mumford

Hello AAVMCC, I'm an ex-cold war squady from Queens Royal Irish Hussars RAC. Now an active RBLRB member. Have just found your website and thought I'd sign your Guestbook. Hope to see you on the road, or at RTTW!
All the best,
Pete M.